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6 Winter Makeup Tips for the Wedding Guest

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

6 Winter Makeup Tips for the Wedding Guest

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It is officially December, one of the coldest months in India, and the wedding season. You might be invited to some weddings this month and wondering how to flaunt yourself as the best wedding guest. It is all about wearing a beautiful traditional dress with the right makeup. We can’t help you to choose the dress, but here are six winter tips for the wedding guest.

Winter wedding makeup can be tricky and different from summer one. This is due to the dry weather and the temperature difference between the skin and its surroundings. If you are attending any winter wedding this season as a guest, you must follow these tips to shine among the crowd. The best wedding makeup artist in Udaipur already knows such tips, but these might be new to our readers.

1: Emphasize hydration:

Winter steals more moisture from the skin than any other season. If you are attending any winter event, make sure you apply a lot of moisturizers. It will hydrate your skin and give it a plump and fresh role. In fact, you should always prepare your skin with moisturizer for a long-lasting makeup look. 

2: Say goodbye to SPF products:

If you plan to take a lot of photos outside in natural light, it is better to skip SPF products that day. Sunscreens below makeup may make your skin appear pale on winter days. 

3: Smokey eye makeup:

To steal the light, you can opt for bold and smokey eye makeup on a winter wedding. Smokey eyes always stand out on a winter day. Smokey eye makeup looks ravishing and gives you a bold and confident appearance. Plus, smokey eyes catch the camera’s attention on a sunny winter day.

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4: Opt for a cream blush:

Skip the powder blush to ensure your cheeks look their best on a winter wedding. Powder blushes are drying and can make your skin look too matte. Instead of using a powder blush, try applying liquid or cream-based products. These will give you a natural flush on your face without causing dryness or making it appear paler than usual. For instance, cream blush is a great makeup option for the wedding guest. It’s easy to apply and makes your face look more natural than powder blush, which can sometimes feel heavy or cakey. Cream blushes are also longer lasting than powder blushes, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the night.

5: Prepare your lips:

One of the most common complaints Pinks & Peaches, the best makeup artist for weddings in Udaipur, hear from their clients is that their lips are dry and chapped. If you’re attending a wedding in winter, it can be hard to keep them hydrated. To help keep your lips happy and healthy, use a lip balm or lip mask before heading out to the event. 

6: Choose a creamy lipstick:

You don’t have to go for the most pigmented and long-lasting formula. A creamy lipstick will be moisturizing, less drying, and make your lips feel fabulous—and that’s good enough for the hard winter days.

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