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Bridal Makeup Trends for 2023 by Meeta Khathuria: Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Udaipur

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

Bridal Makeup Trends for 2023 by Meeta Khathuria: Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Udaipur

Udaipur Makeup Artist

Who among us isn’t obsessed with Kiara Advani and her wedding look? Her pink bridal makeup, nude and weightless makeup look, everything was so on the point and fabulous on her big day. Isn’t it?

No doubt, Kiara Advani is a wedding inspiration for millions of to-be brides in 2023. But if you are still searching for fancy bridal makeup trends for 2023, the best bridal makeup artist in Udaipur is here at your rescue. In this blog, we have collected some of the latest bridal makeup trends for 2023 by Meeta Khathuria.

But, first, who is Meeta Khathuria?

Professional Makeup Artist Meeta Khathuria is the founder-owner of Udaipur’s most popular and upscale bridal makeover studio, Pinks & Peaches. Meeta has been in the industry for over the last ten years, and along with her team, she has done more than 1000 Bridal Makeups in Udaipur and around the country. Meeta received her training from some of the World’s renowned makeup artists and beauticians from UAE, Lebanon, and India to constantly upgrade her skills. With the success of her first Bridal Makeover studio, Meeta has launched her Signature Makeup services under the brand, Adorn by MK, catered explicitly towards ultra-luxury destination weddings across India & UAE. Meeta, a proud mother of a seven-year-old son, holds a Master’s in Business Administration and has worked in Corporate HR with a private group of companies before pursuing her passion and becoming a very successful Entrepreneur who follows her Heart more than anything.

Please scroll down this blog to the end to find what she says about bridal makeup in 2023.

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Top Bridal Makeup Trends for 2023 by Meeta Khathuria:

Here are the top bridal makeup trends for Indian brides for 2023 by the famous bridal makeup artist Meeta Khathuria:

  1. This wedding season, “No Makeup.”

No makeup bridal makeup is hitting Indian albums like none other. Talk about Alia Bhatt or Kiara Advani; Gen Z is all about minimalistic choices. A no-makeup bridal makeup look emphasizes enhancing the natural features of the bride. This modern-day bridal look begins with an even-tone foundation, tinted moisturizer, and subtle lips. If you are someone who loves aesthetic vibes, you should definitely go for a natural and understated no makeup look on your big day.

  1. Fill the brows.

According to Meeta, gone are the days when the bride used to follow thin and lined eyebrows. Modern Indian brides are firing their wedding albums with brushed-up, filled, and fluffy eyebrows. Enhancing your brows volume and soft eyebrows brings attention to your eyes and forehead. You can follow this popular bridal makeup trend in 2023 to make a statement on your big day. Enhance the volume of your eyebrows by using a clear gel, and move them upwards and inwards.

  1. Let your lips contrast your bridal outfit.

For an Indian bride, a detailed outfit matters as much as her wedding vows. In order to detail your bridal outfit, follow contrasting color rules. For example, if you are carrying a light-colored outfit, you can opt for a darker lip shade or vice-versa. But yeah, in the case of a pastel red outfit, you can follow the same color lips to keep the authenticity of the traditional red culture.

  1. Go for a wet makeup look to flaunt your summer wedding.

If you are having your big day this summer, no other makeup can fit more than a damp makeup look. Perfect for summer weddings, the wet makeup look helps you to look fresh and supple all day long. This look involves a lot of moisturizers and glossy lip balm.

  1. Blush makes the day even better.

Blush draping is never outdated for brides. “A professional makeup artist in Udaipur or anywhere around the globe knows how to use blush in different intensities to highlight specific features like cheekbones,” says Meeta. You can use an all-in-one tint to highlight the color of your cheeks. Besides, don’t forget to blend it evenly on the skin using a fluffy blush.

  1. Don’t miss a signature manicure.

Since it is your wedding day, we know you won’t leave a single chance to rock the event. Top bridal makeup artist Meeta suggests not to forget your nails behind. You can either opt for a statement nail art or a subtle nail manicure as per your outfits and preferences.

  1. Clean and sleek bridal hair.

Everyday Meeta encounters minimalist brides who want a clean and sleek hairstyle for their wedding day. No second thought, elegant hairstyles are the wild card entry to the fashion game. Brides nowadays also prefer clip hair extensions to fit the aura of their outfits.

  1. Highlight your eyes.

Eye makeup is sufficient to make a visible change in the overall appearance of the bride. Meeta firmly believes that eye makeup should be chosen according to the facial structure of the bride. Besides, to make a statement, you can opt for smokey or glittery eye makeup as per your choice. The shape of eyeliner also depends on your overall makeup and eye shape.

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Traditionally, makeup meant an approach to cover your flaws. But, with the advent of time, makeup is turning into a method to enhance your natural features and appearance. Meeta Khathuria believes that wearing the right bridal makeup on your wedding day can help you with more confidence and comfort during the entire event. Besides, the perfect bridal makeup as per your skin type also elevates your wedding photos and videos. This is everything our expert makeup artist in Udaipur suggests about the latest bridal makeup trend. For more queries or to book an appointment, connect with us today.

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