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“Adonis Makeover Studio – Your Key To Unisex Makeovers ”.

How about having a makeover on your most special day when you both are going to turn your life into together forever? Seems interesting right! As we know, it’s not that convenient sometimes for a bride as well groom to deal with so much of rush and faster pace of getting ready when wedding day is closer.

By keeping this thought in mind, Pinks & Peaches Makeovers Studio has come up with the unisex makeover solutions at “ADONIS MAKEOVER”, where couples can find ideal makeover and salon services for appealing not just better but best in front of everyone. Adonis Makeover Studio has been established to keep up with the standards of beauty and skin treatments for both man and woman. And, when it comes to ‘Look good, Feel good’, no target relies on just one person. It belongs to both the souls reserving self for each other.

Specifications and Uniqueness of Adonis Makeover Studio & Salon

When it comes to Makeovers, you just not have to dive into the makeup or dressing only, the focus points diverts to the Skin, Hair, and other things as well which reflects like an advantage to your overall charisma. Adding to this part of the statement, Adonis Makeover Studio is here for everyone to impart a complete makeover and beauty services for to be bride and groom.

Being as the child unit of one of the leading makeover studios in Udaipur, it’s a priority zone for Adonis Studio to facilitate esteemed clients with professional and expert unisex makeovers at a single destination. Whether it’s about Skin Treatments, Hair Care with Cysteine and Keratin products, Beauty Therapies, Couple Makeup and Styling, and much more accompanied with Bridal and Groom Makeover Packages, Adonis Makeover Studio & Salon is a choice to pick.

Moreover, the unique facility glides to Groom Makeover because, in a genuine sense, Grooms also look for the variety of options when it’s about looking presentable. But, being into the limited zone of specialized Salons & Makeover Studios, they are unable to sustain with Touch-Ups, Hair Styling, Skin Care, and so much more just as brides are concerned to get ready for. So, it’s a beneficial choice for them to book a zone with their lovely lady.

Confined with beautiful interiors, an exclusive photo shoot room on the same counterpart is readily meant for couples, where they can get there memories clicked without drawing into the hassle of going anywhere else.
Luxurious treatments and splendid output, our unit of Adonis Studio in Udaipur have made an urge towards beauty therapies and amazing cosmetic brands like Casmara, Biosol, Lancome, and so on.
Within the range of Skin and Hair Problems, we have everything got covered into our different segments of:

  • Skin Lightening Treatments
  • Hair Fall Rescue
  • Dandruff & Scalp Issues
  • Acne Remedy
  • Skin Brightening Treatment
  • Blackheads & Whiteheads Removal
  • Sun Tan Remedies
  • Cure of Dark Spots, and Uneven Skin Tone

And, to tackle all these things, Adonis Makeover Studio do have the vast range of Facial, Massages, Face Mask and Cleanups. Assorted with exotic things like Wine, Yogurt, Mango Moose, Pomegranate, Charcoal, Green Tea, Algae, and so much more organic stuff with a plethora of services to provide you at Adonis Makeover Studio.
If you still want to discover what’s more interesting our makeover artists and experts have for you, stay connected with our Facebook & Instagram. Or, for any query you can drop us an email on:



14, A The Idea Building, Flat No. 1,
New Fatehpura, Udaipur- 313001 (Raj.) INDIA

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