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10 Make-up Tips by Professional Makeup Artist In Udaipur

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

10 Make-up Tips by Professional Makeup Artist In Udaipur

Professional Makeup Artist in Udaipur

Make-up might sound like an easy term to you. Even these days, random influencers on Instagram, too, are proving that make-up has nothing to do with art and can be afforded by any individual. But it takes a lot of effort, skills, and creativity to apply make-up correctly. That’s why there are professional make-up artists. Pink and Peaches is also a professional make-up artist in Udaipur that helps you rock your look for every occasion or celebration.

However, extensive proficiency and practice are required to achieve that breathtaking make-up look. Also, the art of make-up varies from skin to skin and face to face. But, still, there are some standard techniques and tips that you can follow to achieve your desired make-up look. In this blog, we will look at 10 such make-up by the professional make-up artist in Udaipur.

1. Always start with a moisturizer:

The best make-up artist of Udaipur suggests that regardless of your skin type and irrespective of day or night, you should always apply moisturizer to your skin before applying other products. It helps nourish and hydrate your skin, giving it a supple glow.

2. Primer to compete:

You should also add primer to your make-up steps on busy or hot days, as primer helps your make-up to last longer than usual. Though, you can skip this step on regular chill days.

3. Apply foundation with a brush:

The foundation helps you to achieve an even tone. The professional party make-up artists in Udaipur suggest that you should always apply foundation with a brush for fuller coverage. You can also use a make-up sponge but avoid using your fingers.

4.     Concealer only on dark spots:

After foundation, make-up professionals follow concealers. Never apply concealer to your entire face or skin. Instead, prefer it only on some extra dark spots, like the area under the eyes. Sometimes, concealer appears like a cakey finish, which you can cover by applying powder once the base is set.

5. Highlight your high points:

It is often seen people run away from highlighters to avoid sparkle. But every make-up look is unfinished without a highlighter. It helps you to draw attention to your unique features like cheekbones, clavicles, etc.

6. Apply bronzer to the tanned area:

One of the best ways to give a natural look to make-up is by adding some color to the back of the skin. This can be achieved by using bronzer. But you should apply bronzer or blush to the naturally tanned area of your face.

7. Use lip liner to give a factual statement:

Rather than showing bare lips, you can prefer to line them to create a 3D look. The make-up artists in Udaipur prefer to apply a dark shade of lip liner with lipstick to give their clients a statement look.

8. Let’s color your eye line:

It is high time to ditch your traditional black eyeliners and say hi to the color sketches. Though you should always keep black eyeliner for spontaneous moments, you can also opt for some color changes to create a dramatic effect.

9. Never use waterproof mascara:

Yes, this is a trend to choose expensive waterproof make-up products. But when it comes to eye make-up, the professional make-up artists in Udaipur suggest going for non-waterproof products as they cause minimum harm to the delicate human eye and are also easy to remove.

10. Always end with a setting spray:

You should always follow a setting spray to keep your make-up stable and constant throughout the day. The kind of setting spray and its amount depends on your skin type and make-up products. You can always choose Pink and Peaches, a beauty spa and salon in Udaipur, to mark your style on your special day. We have exclusive offers and services to satisfy our clients. For more details, connect with us today.

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